Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Director's Crush: Darren Aronofsky

The master of the psychological whirlwind...
The prophet forewarning the pursuit of perfection... 
The auteur of ugly truths and pretty lies..
I absolutely love the works of Darren Aronofsky!

     I fell in love with Darren when I was exposed to his 1996 film, "π".  I was devastated by its outcome.  The sacrifice of sanity that is mandatory for omniscience.  I was further devastated by my own feeling while watching; I actually felt a sense of relief when he sent a drill through his own head.  Damn.
     After watching his latest film, "Black Swan", I ran out and replayed all of his films.  I realized that a constant theme in his films is the pursuit of perfection.  Omniscience: "π"  Success & Happiness: "Requiem for a Dream"  Immortality: "The Fountain"  Resurrection: "The Wrestler"  ...I am still pondering what Nina was chasing in "Black Swan".  Perhaps, transmutation?  Whatever the subject of the main chartacters desire, the road always leads to death.
     If you enjoy seamless, shuffling masterpieces... If you are intrigued by high-speed shifting and overlapping of perspectives... If you are curious about what happens when The Name of God gets lodged in your head... I strongly urge you to review Darren Aronofsky's filmography.