Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Lush Life: Fernet Branca

"It's your job...To like the things everyone else hates."

     My favorite drink in the world: Fernet Branca!  Yes: it tastes like a mentholated punch in the teeth.  Yes: there isn't enough cola in the world to dilute its bitterness.  But, I love it.  The taste reminds me that I am, in fact, living.  Mint shoots through nostrils and ears; my face goes numb.  What other beverage could have this effect?
     Composed of a myriad of herbs, barks and roots (not to mention, 40% alcohol), this Italian liquor is magic.  I have never had a hangover, no matter how much I drank!  I may have awakened with less friends and court dates, but I've never awakened with so much as a headache.
     When I first discovered Fernet, I became an evangelist for it.  Introducing all of my friends and family with a shot.  Many of them thought I was trying to poison them.  Only a few actually survived and felt its effects.  After a while, I grew weary of wasting my good drink; it's $27 a bottle.  At this point, I am convinced that only the sophisticated can acquire and appreciate this beverage.  To confirm this theory, whenever I order this at the bar, the bartender takes a shot with me!  Fernet Branca is like a secret handshake.

If you are brave and high-brow
Try Fernet Branca yourself
You'd love it after the second shot...